Saturday, March 20, 2010


最近不知道怎么了,好像是患上了习惯性失眠一样,感觉一直在loh loh luin 自己的未来~ 担心着每一步路会不会都是个错误~ 什么样子的工作才适合我这种人啊?? 唉~说我懒又懒不完,笨又笨不完,贪玩又不完全是哦...你说阿~~~如果那个天真的会掉钱下来,世界是多么漂亮的啊 :D
其实我真的有够多烦恼的leh..人小小就想多多就是我这种傻婆咯~ 有时候我的男人也很beh tahan我的~不过他还是会很有耐心的酱安慰我的~有时候我对着他,嘴巴会笑到抽筋~看到没有~~他就是厉害在这边咯 -___-woii,人类们~有一天我super不开心哦~
哇老! 我panai到可以用完两包tissue咯~有够伤心的~其实,我真的很不想酱没有仪态跟你们吵架的, 不过我真的很很很介意咯~~~希望你们明白我是个很厉害吃醋的妹妹~虽然我知道你没心也没意这么做,可是因为你是我的宝贝sister~所以我更介意:( 希望你明白~~ 不过最重要的是,我知道我妈米很疼我一下的咯~哈哈!secret secret!! 还有我的宝贝男人也是~ 爱死你们了! muak!哇! 突然觉得我的华语有geng 廖一点点咯! 哈哈!
很期待明天跟我妈米去坐热气气球 :) 一定很刺激!!
惨咯惨咯~我听到鸡叫廖~!! omg!! 是时候去睡觉了~
等我update吧!! take k humans! NitezZz...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Forgetting the past means betrayal..

Endless troubles existed among these days. A brand new year bt bring me alot of worries.
Wat to judge for my own future? it still a mystery..
Im gonna live harder and tougher,sigh~

Went to MOS just for my superman, Ne-yo.

while im get ready and waiting for the ride.
i love my honey.

i cant wait to meet v Ne-yo! closer~ closer~come closer =)
i cant club without him -_-

Gorgeous loh..

~Meet me half way~
Already reserved for the crew.
Jingli **
she can pose very well lo~
BinZ and JingLi **
2 jugs of beer
Not reli enjoy tat nite
since the mood has gone.. SiEnz jeh lo..

07-01-2010 **
Went to Caffeinees with mama for the breakfast =)

Order Order!
look nice v the menu?
The gadgets.
waiting for the meal =)
tis is mama choosen
yummy hoh?
tis is mine =) very big bowl~~~ lol!
Barbie dolls exhibition in pav
delicate design =)
Good job!

Headed to PD for the last day of '09. A normal BBq party with all of them even ther's someone i dun reli knw -_- but tats so fine to me since jingli jiejie is ther for me, keke!

We r getting to BHP for some snacks and petrol ^.^
ngek ngek! im sooo HOT.. esh!
jingli ** i like her so much..keke!!
gotta back hum soon..
a must to take a group picha =)

Life is like a play and everything is uncertain. welcome to us , 2010..

The every 30th of DEC in my life.
Its a important day huh. my MaMa was born in tat day.

Went to FullHsz for a dinner together v mama
and my beloved cousin.
peace baby~
he looks awesome in tis pic!
happy bday mom~
any surprise?

Papa decided to bring us to KS for a dinner..hehe!
Jeti Seafoods.. sounds abit lame '_'

order order.
he's my papa~ muahahaha..
my bro!
oweys with his HANDPHONE! GrRr~
mua Family... =) sweet...
i like tis so much..
papa and mama <3
We jz paid for a small amount even we ate alot of dishes..
super hyper cheap loo..keke!